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We take care of all MI civil helicopters


  MI-INTER was established in 1992. One of the founders was Moscow MIL Design Bureau.
The Company was born with the purchase of six-second-hand, ex-operational, MI-8 transport helicopters of 1972-1976 production years. These helicopters were fully restored, re-equipped and then exported. This allowed the company to find its feet.

During the past ten years MI-INTER has become one of the leading Russian companies in exporting MI civil helicopter spare parts and servicing these helicopters abroad. For these past years the company has exported approximately 40 restored helicopters, delivered more than 7000 designations of spare parts, units, components and equipment.

The total quantity of shipped goods has exceeded several million.

Together with the Moscow MIL Helicopter Plant our experts at MI-INTER have performed unique works of restoration and repair on helicopters for many customers.
We have carried out high profile projects such as equipping a VIP lounge for a European president.

MI helicopters have a broad customer and operator base as well as worldwide recognition.

Among our partners are companies and agencies in Bulgaria; Aircraft Repair works Trenchin in Slovakia; LOM PRAHA s.p in Czech Republic; Aircraft Repair Works in Zagreb, Croatia; Aircraft Repair Plant number 405, Republic of Kazakhstan; MI helicopter operators in Mexico, New Zealand and a number of countries in Africa.

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